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Why do you want to sell?

Life happens and people want to sell for a variety of reasons.

No matter why you want to sell your property - whether too high of a debt load, job loss, divorce, illness, etc, - we help you sell your home for the most (with freshening, de-cluttering, staging and photography) in the fastest amount of time (with creative marketing processes). Let us show you how.

Sidco Properties
has tools to help you
sell your house quickly and remain financially stable.

Pick a Real Estate Agent that uses ALL the tools to sell your home fast, and for more money.

Don't hire a "post and pray" agent.....they post your property on the MLS and pray it sells.

Hire an agent that gives your property the attention it deserves.

Marketing is one area where your Real Estate Agent should shine. Your agent should be hiring a professional photographer to produce high-quality marketing images of your property. The photography on your home is absolutely one of the most essential elements in selling homes today. If your agent does not automatically provide professional photographs - you need another agent! The internet will be where MOST home buyers discover your home. If your homes pictures are lousy, you will lose out on a significant amount of traffic. Professional traditional photos are the minimum your agent should offer. 3D photos take your listing way above others.


“Homes that are professionally photographed sell for up to $11,200 more and 21 days faster than homes shot by amateurs.” Redfin

Don't overlook real estate videography either! Video puts more eyes on your listing.

“Listings with a video walkthrough get more than double the page views and double the saves than listings without video.” Zillow

Your Real Estate Agent should also be well versed on how to get the word out using all available marketing channels, not just the Multiple Listing Service (MLS). Ideally, your realtor should have a website that draws traffic and showcases all their properties for sale. They should also be using social media, like Facebook, Google+, Pinterest and other platforms, to spread the word. These tools help our client’s homes get sold. 

93% of agents recommend that clients de-clutter their home before placing it on the market.

Your agents marketing material should be top-notch, from photographs to videos to the brochures used to market the home. Investing in a quality Real Estate agent who understands how crucial the marketing is will reap substantial benefits.  To get beautiful photos, you need an agent with experience in de-cluttering and staging.


62% of sellers agents say that staging a home decreases the amount of time a home spends on the market.

Hire an agent that does it all!

 ALWAYS get a pre-sale home inspection! 

Pro-Spex Home Inspection Services