Home Organization & Staging


Sidco Properties, LLC helps you organize your home....

whether you're moving in, moving out, or just need a change,

let us bring peace and clarity to the process.

Services we provide:

- Photo document before and after to aid in project management.

- Total home clean out (i.e. everything goes, etc.)

- Partial home clean out (i.e. sort and dispose of items to donate, sell, give away, trash, etc.

- Arrange for donation and pick-up of items and attain tax write-off documentation.

- Provide online sales assistance for personal items (i.e. ebay, craigslist, auction houses, etc.)

- Research and purchase storage solutions.

- Organize items and file/store them for ease of use.

- Pack items to move to storage unit or new home.

- Arrange for local, national or international moves.

- Photo-document items of value (i.e. collections, jewelry, cars, boats. houses, etc.).

- Create property database for appraisal or insurance purposes.

- Provide home-sell plan to specify minor cosmetic changes to major renovations.

- Stage home for best-sale value.

- Provide photos and/or video for use in marketing materials.

- Create marketing materials for use in selling property.

- Manage open houses and/or provide home auction assistance.

We work for home owners, realtors,

attorneys, mortgage companies, investors

and insurance companies.

Learn more about the real estate market here.

Read "31 Days of Organizing" here.

Sidco Properties

Mail: P.O. Box 640, Shady Side, MD 20764

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