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Sidco Properties, LLC can use Real Estate Options to sell YOUR house.

Check out
"Unsellable Houses"
on HGTV to see what we can accomplish together!

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What is a Real Estate Option? 

A Real Estate Option is similar to a Rent with Option - a very

common agreement used when a buyer is not ready to buy your home at the moment but wants the "option" to buy it at a later date.  The terms for a Rent with Option are negotiable and can fit both the buyers and sellers needs. The option can cover utility payments, improvements to the property, insurance, a specified date to exercise your option, etc. It can also specify a purchase price or a percentage based upon inflation or costs to finance.  Generally speaking, a Rent with Option is between one seller and one buyer (i.e. renter until the option is exercised).

A Real Estate Option works in a similar manner except the "buyer" is planning to sell the option to another buyer.  Sidco Properties, works with sellers that are in need of a quick exit strategy from their properties for a variety of reasons (job relocation, deployment, death, divorce, new baby, job loss, etc.) and places an option on their property at an agreed upon price.


This price is dictated by the condition of the property, recent comparables, appraisal, inspection, etc.  Not all sellers have the resources to improve their property before selling. As a result, they lose money on the sale of their property. Sidco Properties, invests resources to prepare the property for sale at the best possible price.

Sidco's options are not to be confused with "wholesaling" options - where an investor options a property that is in need of renovation at a considerable cost savings, then sells the option to another investor, who renovates the property and sells it for a considerable profit. In this scenario, the seller does not share in the profit gained after renovation. With Sidco, the seller is offered a portion of after-renovation value. Then, after adding value to the property, Sidco Properties, LLC stages, photographs, markets and sells your property at a price that guarantees your desired price outcome.

At closing, you are at the table with Sidco Properties and the new buyer. Per your Real Estate Option with Sidco Properties, you are paid your agreed upon price.

How it Works:

Seller has property to sell quickly.

Sidco "options" the property with a purchase agreement.

Sidco cleans, repairs, markets & sells property.

Buyer pays Sidco and Sidco pays seller for home.

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