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May 15: Live, Love, Laugh!

Updated: May 18, 2020

What is a “living” room and how do you use yours? A living room use to be that room that was only used when “company” came to visit. It was always kept neat and clean, and when I was growing up, some people covered their living room furniture in clear plastic (!) to keep it clean and looking new.

If you were fortunate to have a finished basement, children and their toys were sent there to play. Some houses had “dens” where families looked at television, displayed their book collection and generally chilled.

Enter the age of “family” rooms – separate from “living” rooms – in that the family could lounge, be comfortable, play and look at television together. If you don’t have a separate living room from your family room, they become one big room – somewhere for the family to gather and enjoy time together, but still look presentable for guests.

Living-Family rooms have to have storage for several things: toys, remote controls, movies (if you still look at DVD’s), blankets (for movie night), video games and controllers, and magazines/books.

If you do “neat” art projects (meaning not wet – like painting, staining, etc.), you may also designate a corner for that activity and need storage for those items as well. A cubby/tv stand may be perfect for your family. Baskets in a text and color that match your décor is an ideal place to store things and get them out of sight quickly.

If you don’t have a separate foyer, and enter the home directly into your living room, you might also need storage for coats, hats and shoes by the door. A coat rack with storage bench is a good solution there.

Take Away: As we spend more time together during the covid19 quarantine, the living-family room becomes ever more important. Enjoy your family time, love, laugh always! Tomorrow we will tackle that mysterious space above us...... the attic!

About the Author: L. Sidney Irving is the owner of Sidco Properties, a real estate company dedicated to educating and assisting those that want to buy or sell a home, Sidney loves to organize herself and those around her because she believes that an organized space brings peace and fosters creativity. May the power of organization be with you!

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