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May 13: Guess Who's Coming to Dinner?

In the old days..... whenever that was!...... lots of homes had "formal" dining rooms. Separate rooms that were set aside for.......eating. The dining rooms could be small or cavernous, but they were always special. Dining room sets - tables, chairs, china cabinets and buffets - were all a part of the "formal" part of dining. Some families used their dining rooms everyday, while others only when "company" came.

Nowadays, some homes have combined kitchens, dining rooms and family rooms. There are several areas where people can eat and the spaces are perfect for entertaining. The old dining rooms have been turned into offices, game rooms or libraries.

If you still long for a dining room or dining area, and the storage solutions that they contain, you are not alone. Some people still own china (google it!), sterling silver cutlery, lead crystal glasses, place mats, linen napkins and napkins rings. If you do, you need somewhere to store it! You also may need a bigger table when guests arrive so you need a place to store your "table leaf" and extra table cloths.

Your dining room furniture can be antique, post-modern, Scandinavian, Oriental, minimalist or futuristic. Whatever style you like, select pieces to organize your dining things... whatever those things may be!

Take Away: If you like to use your "good" dishes on holidays, or regularly entertain family and friends, you will have "extra" things that you need to find a space for. Sometimes, your dining room can fill that need! Remember to purge when you need to, so that you're not trying to stuff things into drawers that are already too full. Tomorrow we will discuss the next important room to eating: sleeping!

About the Author: L. Sidney Irving is the owner of Sidco Properties, a real estate company dedicated to educating and assisting those that want to buy or sell a home, Sidney loves to organize herself and those around her because she believes that an organized space brings peace and fosters creativity. May the power of organization be with you!

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