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31 Days of Organizing!

Updated: May 2, 2020

Since the coronavirus is still with us as we move into the month of May, I wanted to reach out to those of you that have already binge-watched all your favorite shows, seen all the movies you missed at the theater, set-up a home gym, got caught up on your book club reading and all those other "when I have time" projects for you to consider this: spend the month of May getting organized!

We WILL one day be able to get back out into the world and go about our life, but for today, we have an unprecedented opportunity to accomplish those OTHER "when I have time" projects. Those projects that we really don't want to do but need to be done, those projects that we don't think about until we really need it, those projects that we kind of shove to the back of the closet and hope they go away. Yes - THOSE projects!

Each day, during the month of May, we will tackle one of THOSE projects to show you how easy it is to tackle and beat the projects that we fear the most! Along our journey, you will learn that organizing almost always comes paired with cleaning. It's unavoidable! As you pull things out of drawers and closets, there will most likely be dirt and dust attached to it. It's not your just accumulates! So our projects will be comprised of clean + organize.

Projects like:

- learning the art of making lists and reminders - they will become your best friends.

- creating a cleaning schedule to beat dust bunnies at their own game.

- identifying health hazards within your 4 walls and how to clean to prevent them.

- making sure you "look up" every now and then and clean those high places.

- breaking down big organization projects into manageable smaller projects.

- managing your collections so that they don't overcome you.

- selecting the best storage systems for your unique needs.

- getting rid of clutter - and learning how not to create it moving forward.

- conquering your piles of paper in 3 easy steps.

- and more!

Before you say you don't have time to get organized (yeh, right!), keep in mind that each day's task will take a commitment of only 15 minutes. You can increase the amount of time you decide to spend on each task if you desire. Be warned: once you get moving you may not want to stop until the task is complete! This is a great time to learn more about cleansers (green vs. non-green, etc.) and how to keep allergens, like dust, to a minimum for those that have allergies or chronic lung diseases.

I look forward to you joining our "31 Days of Organizing!". Lets do it!


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About the Author:

L. Sidney Irving is the owner of Sidco Properties, a real estate company dedicated to educating and assisting those that want to buy or sell a home, Sidney loves to organize herself and those around her because she believes that an organized space brings peace and fosters creativity. May the power of organization be with you!

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