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Linda Carol Accera White

Linda Carol Acerra was born January 17th, 1955 to Mr. and Mrs. Salvatore and Blanche Acerra, of Long Branch, New Jersey. Linda spent her childhood in Long Branch and attended Long Branch High School. She earned an Associate Degree in Fashion Design from the Boston School of Fashion Design. After graduation, she worked for eight years at various fashion design firms in the New York City garment district.  Linda incorporated her love of fashion design with her love of ballroom dancing, designing and sewing costumes for competitions and dresses for family members, in her spare time. When she moved to Maryland, Linda created fashion designs for distinguished women in business and politics and worked for a fashion boutique in Bethesda. After her children were born, she adapted her work schedule so that she could be home for her children.

Linda and Glenn met in 1977 through their shared interest in dancing. They were married on April 5th, 1980 and made a home in Old Bridge, New Jersey. Linda and Glenn became avid ballroom dancers, winning more than 150 trophies and competing professionally in the Harvest Moon Ball at Madison Square Garden, New York City. They shared their passion for dancing by teaching dance at local dance studios. Their mutual love for adventure and travel led them to spend the majority of their vacation time teaching ballroom dance on cruise ships, dancing their way to exotic destinations all over the world.

Linda loved her life as a homemaker and caregiver. In addition to raising her sons, Linda watched over many children in her home day care. She loved spending time with her family, children, and grandchildren, especially enjoying trips to the beach and the lake. Linda always made sure to have the best view of the fireworks on the 4th of July and provided sparklers and pop-its to keep the children occupied until the show. Her delicious cooking, creative talent, artistic abilities, nurturing spirit, and loving nature will be greatly missed by all who knew her.

Please click on the link below to view some of Linda's ballroom collection.


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